ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

Stop Transit Cuts (December 4)


Number of pass ups in October, 2017. Service reductions will only increase this

Winnipeg transit riders pay the second highest proportion of transit costs in Canada. While fares are low, service is too

65 vs 222
Winnipeg’s Council is proposing to spend only $65 million on transit while Edmonton spends $220 million


The 2018 City budget will raise bus fares by 25 cents, while cutting service. This will only reduce mobility and add to the financial burden for seniors, students and others living on a fixed income.



Come to City Hall, 510 Main Street to show your concern


Executive Policy Committee December 5th 9:00am
Council Budget Vote December 12th 9:30am


Contact your Mayor and your City Councillor before December 12 to stop the cuts to Winnipeg Transit. Tell them you want:

NO fare increase
NO cuts to service




To Speak at EPC or Council Meeting:

You must register by 4:30pm the day before the meeting
To register, call the city clerk’s office at 204-798-0111. Tell them you want to speak about the budget.




Contact your Councillor and Mayor

Send an email directly to MLAs and City Councillors.

Better yet, contact your City Councillor at the phone number below.


Mayor Brian Bowman City of Winnipeg

Matt Allard St. Boniface 204-396-4636

Jeff Browaty North Kildonan 204-986-5196

Shawn Dobson St. Charles 204-986-592

Ross Eadie Mynarski 204-986-5188

Jenny Gerbasi Fort Rouge/ East Fort Garry 204-986-5878

Scott Gillingham St.James/Brooklands/Weston 204-986-5848

Cindy Gilroy Daniel McIntyre 204-986-5951

Janice Lukes South Winnipeg-St-Norbert 204-986-6824

Brian Mayes St. Vital 204-986-5088

Marty Morantz Charleswood/Tuxedo/W. Ridge 204-986-5232

John Orlikow River Heights/ Fort Garry 204-986-5236

Mike Pagtakhan Point Douglas 204-986-8401

Jason Schreyer Elmwood/East Kildonan 204-986-5195

Devi Sharma Old Kildonan 204-986-5264

Russ Wyatt Transcona 204-986-8087

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