ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

ATU 1505 Incident/Assault tracking (Mar 9)

After you've had an incident or injury and you've contacted Control Center or your Supervisor. If you feel things were handled improperly, we need to know about it. This includes all Operations as well as Plant & Equipment employees on any topic. From being assaulted or threatened and not being responded to... to sleepers not being attended to in a timely matter... to not having a follow-up to assess your well-being after an incident... to you being injured in your seat due to a defective seat.

Any situation that you take home and leaves you with an uneasy feeling should be dealt with and should be reported to the Employer. If you have any questions, the Union office can offer support or direct you to the appropriate resources. Your Union can't change things if they don't know exactly what's happening to the members.

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