ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

ATU 1505 Calls on Winnipeg Transit to Honour their Collective Agreement

Winnipeg- The Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 is calling on the City of Winnipeg to honour the collective agreement signed earlier this year in October, after Winnipeg Transit failed to implement a section of the agreed upon collective agreement.

Under the agreement, ATU 1505 members with the top wage class of each classification were to receive a long term service retention increase of 0.5% effective pay period 23. However, Transit has not honoured that agreement, and no members have received the 0.5% increase. The majority of the affected members are those with more than five years of service with Winnipeg Transit.

“Throughout negotiations, we spoke about the lack of trust that management exhibited towards us on a daily basis and unfortunately, they haven’t changed,” said Aleem Chaudhary, ATU 1505 President. “This is a contract- that they agreed to sign and it’s unfortunate that they don’t have the integrity to follow through on a legal agreement that the City has signed off on.”

Article 4 of the Memorandum of Agreement between the ATU and the City of Winnipeg states: “The rate of pay for the top level step of each bargaining unit classification shall be increased by zero point five percent (0.5%) effective pay period #23, 2019."

The City is currently in pay period 24 and has not provided a timeline by which they will adhere to the collective agreement that they have signed. Transit provided no advance notice to the ATU that this delay would occur and only began to address the issue after the ATU brought forward concerns from members. 

“If Transit spent half the time they did trying to intimidate our members or coming up with ways to cut service and routes, we could have a half decent Transit system for a growing City,” said Chaudhary. “We hope that they can publicly apologize for their inaction in this regard and ensure that they don’t fall behind on other key aspects of the collective agreement, such as improving schedules for Transit riders.”


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