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A request and thank you from Saskatoon Local 615

A request and thank you from Saskatoon Local 615



ATU Sisters and brother,

As you may know our union Local 615 in Saskatoon have been attempting to reach an agreement with the City of Saskatoon since the end of 2012.  To date we have not achieved seetlement and do not have any bargaining dates scheduled.  The main issues are wages and pension.  We have had a defined beenfit pension plan, guaranteed by the City of Saskatoon since its inception in 1964.  The city has bagained with the other 8 unions and associations that are in this pension plan, and they have signed an agreement that transfers all the risk and liabilities onto the plan members shoulders in the event the plans finances do not support the benefits promised.  This transfer of liability is not something that ATU 615 members are willing to accept.  The city locked out our members illegally in September of 2014, and held a special city council meeting to impose pension benefit reductions and contribution rate increases on our members.  ATU 615 filed and processed a grievance up through arbitration, claiming the city has imposed changes to our collective agreement without consent, and we are awaiting a decision from the April 2016 arbitration.  Our city council is currently up for re-election on October 26 of this year and ATU 615 is seeking your assistance in raising our voices and awareness starting with an event on September 10,2016.  Our plan is to hold a rally in support of our cause by gathering at city hall at 3pm and after this awareness rally, we cordially extend an invitation for your members to join us for our annual corn roast starting at 5pm at the forestry farm park.  We will be having a bbq and live music with cash bar and would love for your members to join us at this function.  We are still remaining optimistic that our contract issues may be resolved even prior to this event, but we must plan in advance in the event we are still not settled.  Having stated this we would still love for you to join us for a celevration event in the fact we have something to celebrate by that time.  Either way our annual corn roast will process.  I truly appreciate all your moral and financial support you have provided our membership in the past as we deal with these struggles.  If you are interested in joining us in September, our members would be very grateful, appreciate and honored by your presence.  In the event you intend to join us, please respond with numbers and I will attempt to try and find accommodation if you wish to overnight.  Once again thank you for all your support in the past and I look forward to potentially hosting you in September.


Jim Yakubowski President Business Agent ATU Local 615

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