ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

May 31st Voting results

Winnipeg - Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 have overwhelmingly voted no to the City of Winnipeg’s 2nd contract offer with 96.59% of the membership voting against the City’s offer. The 2nd offer was presented to the ATU on May 17th, and came after the ATU engaged in legal job action. While the rejection of the contract does provide a strike mandate and strike sanctions for ATU members, the ATU will be reaching out to the City to resume bargaining at the earliest opportunity.


“The results of the vote tell me that the members won't take the concessions that the city is pushing", said Aleem Chaudhary, ATU 1505 President. "Bringing in 200 part time operators at wages $10 less than the average for regular operators with no pension or benefits is not how you run a successful public transit system."

Chaudhary pointed to the failure of Winnipeg Transit to address major issues within Winnipeg Transit, with respect for employees and schedules emerging as key issues. He also noted that the inclusion of part time workers in the contract continues to be a roadblock, as there is already a 10% turnover rate for Winnipeg Transit employees, casting doubt on Transit's ability to attract quality part time workers.



"While we do have a strike mandate, we intend to ask the City to return to the table and work towards a fair deal", Chaudhary said. "We do intend to begin taking legal job action in the days to come and will be updating the public regarding our next steps."



The Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 represents over 1,400 transit operators and maintenance workers at Winnipeg Transit. The current collective agreement between the City of Winnipeg and the ATU 1505 expired on January 12th, 2019.



The voting results:

Yes: 38

No: 1136

Spoiled: 2

Total ballots: 1176

Turnout: 81%


Media Contact: Zach Fleisher, ATU Communications 204-299-9224

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