ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

Elected Officials Taking a Transit Tour

Kevin Lamoureux is the deputy Speaker and has the most words spoken at the House of Commons. He is in favor of a Canada-wide Transit strategy.

In December, Kevin Lamoureux Liberal MP of Winnipeg North.  Got a behind the scenes look at how in depth our maintenance work goes.  Kevin perviously had gone on a bus ride along with John earlier in 2014.  On the facility tour, John showed how things have changed over the years.  From the past, of having blacksmiths and coal forges to make mechanics their own tools.  To the ongoing rebuilding of every aspect of the bus.  Also talked about were the effects of things such as emissions controls.  Kevin was informed some of the problems emission controls have actually caused.  The buses are now less energy efficient by polluting the oil and engine rebuilds in turn are needed more frequent.  Kevin has a very open mind to Transit.  And knows of the benefit it has on the community with the ability to break down social barriers if done properly. [Ottawa has a great Transit system and he seen what proper planning can do]



ATU hopes to continue the conversation with Kevin into the future!




Mike Pagtakhan, City Coucillor from Point Douglas. Also got a tour of the Fort Rouge Facility. In addition, he got to see what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a 40 foot controled conditions on the property of course. [He got to experience how it feels to drive inches beside a loader.  And that was without having to worry about picking up passengers or traffic]  He now has much added respect for the operators of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1505.




We thank Kevin and Mike, for taking the time.  To see what the ATU employees at Winnipeg Transit do for the community.  Public Transit should be accessible and essential to all citizens, no matter where they live.

Below is a link to a summarized version of the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative. Recognizing Winnipeg Transit as the top Transit agency in the country.



Had an opp to drive a bus around the station! Very cool! I salute all @ATU1505 operators for the work u do! [Posted on Twitter by Mike]

Jan 21 15

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