ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

Bill C-533 Round Table


The purpose of Mr. Goodale’s visit was to hear personal experiences from the members of ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg, and how they relate to his desire to have the Criminal Code of Canada updated to allow for harsher punishments for those who assault public transportation service employees. Currently Mr. Goodale is attempting to have Bill C-533 passed into legislation.


The members of the Amalgamated Transit Union shared their experiences of being assaulted on the job with Mr. Goodale, and other elected officials. These experiences include incidents of being spat on and punched to having bags of human excrement thrown on them, even a case of having a loaded hand gun less than 6” away from one member’s face. All for employees whose only fault is that they were trying to earn an honest living. The relay of these experiences caused moments of shock and disdain towards the offenders, to be expressed on Mr. Goodale’s face, and appeared to strengthen his resolve to see that Bill C-533 be passed into law.


The members of Amalgamated Transit Union were also pleased to see that those whom are assaulted, while acting to aid a public transportation service employee, would also be protected under the amendment.


The members of ATU all across Canada value the relationships that they build with their passengers, and have always felt that the safety and security of the public should be the first concern.


The Amalgamated Transit Union fully supports Bill C533 and asks that everyone, including those that use public transportation whether only once in a while or every day, or thinks that a safe work environment is a priority, to call their MP and ask them to support this Bill.


John Callahan, President ATU Local 1505


Winnipeg MPs:


Rod Bruinooge , MP Winnipeg South 204-984-6787


Shelly Glover, MP St. Boniface 204-983-3183


Joyce Bateman, MP Winnipeg South Centre 204-983-1355


Kevin Lamoureux, MP Winnipeg North 204-984-1767


Steven Fletcher, MP Charleswood-St.James-Assiniboia 204-984-6451


Lawrence Toet, MP Elmwood-Transcona 204-984-2499


Joy Smith, MP Kildonan-St. Paul 204-984-6322


Pat Martin, MP Winnipeg Centre 204-984-1675



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