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Stop the Cuts

In 2017 the Provincial Government announced that it would end legislation that provided guaranteed annual funding for public transit to municipalities in Manitoba. They subsequently froze funding at 2016 levels meaning that funding is no longer keeping pace with city growth and inflation.


Following the revocation of the legislation, Mayor Brian Bowman announced significant cuts to service and a large fare increase (Cutting 59 routes, laying off 120 bus drivers and increasing fares by 25 cents). While these numbers are likely political posturing, they do indicate that cuts are coming.


Winnipeg Transit is already plagued by over-crowding, pass-ups, unreliability and infrequency. Use our handy form emails to tell your councillor and MLA to preserve and increase funding for transit. Say “NO” to cuts and “YES” to increased funding.


Please click here to go to Functional Transit's website and send your councillor's and MLA's a message!

Every year the ATU International offers Post Secondary Scholarship towards post secondary education for their family members. Every year it's named in memory of a chosen individual and this year it's in memory of one of the greatest Canadians, Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas.


With all the recent attention on Transit service and the potential cuts. We've decided to release a brief Press statement.

A proposed advisory committee to beef up security on city buses is in the works at city hall.

Winnipeggers could pay more, get less bus service if bucket funding moves forward, they say Read more >>>

WINNIPEG — The union representing Winnipeg transit drivers estimates newer fare boxes could be costing the city a lot of money in lost fares. Read more >>>

A Winnipeg woman is trying to get answers about why her Peggo card was cancelled. Read more >>>

It's good to see that regardless of our City Councilors individual views. They are all trying to improve Winnipeg's Transit system for riders and Operator's alike. A new vision has been needed for awhile!

Transit Management Report on Safety Measures

Here are the recommendations that came from the 90 day Transit Management Safety report submitted at the end of May.

All employee's have the Right To Refuse unsafe work.  To exercise your Right To Refuse you must notify a person in charge and give them the opportunity to fix the problem.

We want to make sure the Employer is taking care of you!

If you're an employee with Winnipeg Transit and you've been injured while working we need to hear from you. If you've been injured at work and are unsure if you should put in a claim. Take a few minutes to send an email to explaining what happened to you.

After Brother Fraser's death.  A class from Luxton School, which is very close to North Garage.  Made a book of condolences to show support for our Operator's.

The Winnipeg Civic Employees' Benefits Program is proud to introduce a Pension Estimator for its members and future beneficiaries.  Try it and see how small changes throughout your career can change things.


                             Click here to go to the Pension Estimator

As of January 1st, 2017, ATU Local 1505 member's Benefit coverage will be handled through Manulife.  You should have received a package in the mail and that package contained how to access your benefit information on the Manulife website. Read more >>>

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