Contract Update for ATU 1505 Members and the Public


The current collective agreement between the ATU 1505 and the City of Winnipeg expired in January 2019. After several months of negotiations, the City made an offer to the ATU membership in April of 2019. This offer was rejected by the ATU membership, with 98.16% of members voting against the proposed contract, putting the ATU in a legal strike position.

As a result of these developments, the ATU bargaining committee has decided to engage in job action at this time. On May 14th, ATU members will not be informing passengers of the fare when applicable and will also not be monitoring fare payment for Winnipeg Transit riders.

The ATU knows that we play a monumental role in providing 170,000 rides per day in Winnipeg, and we want to be clear that we do not wish to disrupt service in any way. The ATU commits as well to update the public on any further job action as it may develop.

If you are interested in supporting the ATU in solidarity, we encourage you to call the Union Office at 204-943-5064 or email for more information.